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   T.R. Braxton is the author of the thrilling new horror novel,The Wraith, along with Dirty Hands and Sight. Mr. Braxton is the sole proprietor of Montebello Books publishing company.              

    A special educator by day, Braxton began to seriously pursue his writing talent when he figured out that he can write better than numerous successful authors who can't write any better than a tongue less man can sing. After countless revisions and preparation, Braxton published his debut novel, Dirty Hands.  Braxton is proud of the tireless work he has put into writing and publishing his novels.

     Braxton has a strange sense of humor, which is often evident in his writing. One of his more insistent claims is that his initials stand for Tyrannosaurus Rex. He also sometimes claims to be a Herald of Galactus from the Silver Surfer comics.

     Braxton is a Baltimore City native and a graduate of local universities. He holds several degrees and a fair share of student loan debt. Happily married with one child and one very annoying cat, Braxton still resides in his hometown, where he ceaselessly vacillates between love and hate for the city.

     T.R. Braxton wrote this author info in third person, because that seems to be the industry standard for writing author info. Rest assured, there is no actual third person present at this website. There is only T.R.

      T.R. Braxton has a facebook page, where he makes announcements about his books and all things literally (Well, maybe not all things literary. Who has that much time? T.R. does have to write books, you know?) Here is the link to T.R.'s facebook page:

                       T.R. Braxton, Author

       You may e-mail T.R. about manners concerning his books/writing pursuits (no weird stuff, please- T.R. Braxton's e-mail is a weirdness free zone) here: